Spaghetti sauce

Among the things that I consider valuable in life is my ability to cook for my family. Not only am I thankful for this great gift from god but also always looking at ways to improve myself so that I can bring more joy to my family via it. With a big family like mine, including my husband, two kids, my sister, her husband and her two kids, we live like one happy family and the happiest hour of the day is during dinner when we all sit together to catch up on the happenings of the day. We like to try a cuisine, which is something from a different culture every week.

One constant on our every week’s menu has been the spaghetti sauce with chicken. It started off as a favorite of everyone in the family and has rightfully remained so. Since everyone else is a full time working professional in my family (except the kids), I have decided to take up the role of a house maker and I must say that I am happy with my decision and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with the kids and cooking for everyone every chance that I get. This has also led to a huge improvement in my cooking skills.

Peacock costume

Whoever tells you that getting a costume very year for Halloween is stressful or frustrating is just a little shy on the creativity in their heads. I recently started exploring the field of mindfulness of as most of us know it to be practicing the meditation. The best outcome of this practice that I have experienced has to directly do with the level of creativity that I have. Now, based on my own experience, I feel completely confident of recommending this practice to all those stressed souls who are fretting over the idea of getting a costume every year.

I say hone your creative skills and recycle. I have been recycling the same costume for many years and still manage o get away with it pretty good. The costume that I am talking about is the peacock costume which I have varied in design and turned into a disco dress, an actual peacock replica and a grown up night dress which was perfect for late night parties that I got invited to. I think it is quite wasteful to spend money on costume every year and would strongly suggest you spend it wisely on other things while you use to mind power to create a costume for yourself.

How to get rid of canker sores

The body pain that you can control is easy to bear, like if your hand or foot is hurting, you can probably rest it for a few days and then carry on with your normal life. Now imagine if pain is in such an area that you cannot put to rest for more than a few hours at a stretch. I am talking about your mouth. Any kind of infection in the mouth can be a real tough one to bear. Such is the problem of the canker sores. These ulcers which are visible as white mucous filled sores inside the mouth can e really painful.

After having experienced them personally, one thing that I can assure you of is that the only thing on your mind if you get canker sores will be how to get rid of canker sores and fast. Though these are mostly tiny to look at but these can hinder your normal mouth functions. For me, even drinking had become difficult, let alone eating normal food. The best solution that although did sting a little but provided the best and quickest relief was application of the baking soda on the canker sores in my mouth. It worked for me and I hope this works for you too.

Garden fence

My neighbor’s garden fence is something I have always admired. I have always told her that it is a lovely piece of decoration that I think is highly useful. Looking at my interest and the state of my garden, she suggested that I should also get one. Now, admiring her fence was one thing but getting one for my own garden was a whole new story. I first of all took out a measuring tape to decide what area exactly I wanted to fence in. I understood that some basic things including the measurement, design and material, knowledge of the type of soil that region has are the few things which I shall need to inquire about before I could make an informed decision about purchasing a fence.

This was a very exciting activity and I was completely blown away by the vast variety of design that I came across during my research. My neighbor has had her fence for years now and it is a simple wooden fence which doesn’t have a peculiar or very attractive design but it goes with her simple house just fine. I instead wanted to experiment with both the color and design. Now my garden has a beautiful peach colored fence which has a very fine design which allows for the air and sunshine to come through to my lovely plants.

Stainless steel backsplash

I had tiles and marble stone surfaces in my kitchen for many years before I discovered stainless steel backsplash surfaces. These surfaces not only changed the look of my old kitchen but also provided the easiest cleaning experience ever. There are many cleaning products available which you can use on a steel surface for easy cleaning with a swipe whereas the hardships of cleaning a stone surface were never ending for me. The surface along with its utility looks really stylish and very unique from most of the kitchens and bathrooms that I have seen at my friends’ and relatives’ places.

The sheen of stainless steel adds to the glamour of the surface and the reflective surface also adds to the brightness of the surrounding area. You can find the grade of the steel that the backsplash is made of and opt for the best one available for a long lasting investment. I absolutely love the look of my kitchen and constantly receive compliments from everyone who visits me and its ability to defend against the dirt and grime just adds to my joy. Re-modeling my kitchen turned out to be a wonderful experience for me and I would strongly recommend it to each and every one of you.

Beaded curtains

I always see our wall-high window as a still damsel in distress so when I was a little girl, my mom and I would dress her with fine garments that I picture as gowns while other people call curtains.

Beaded curtains are the type of curtains that could set out the beauty of a window so she won’t get bored while she waits – well, that’s a story I make up until now, you may try it some other time for it urges you to take care of your stuffs inside your house. Floral has been the most common sheets everyone uses but due to modernization, a plane pastel colored curtain with silky or rough texture could already illuminate the beauty of the house area.

Nevertheless, you may also want to consider your wall paint before choosing the right color for your windows – this is a vital factor you cannot dare to ignore. Just imagine how everything in the room looks like eggplant because of the careless splash of hues you have opted for.

Whatever it is, your home is an expression of yourself. As long as you enjoy what you do and how you dress your windows to perfection, then it’s your call – everyone will respect it.

Pain in left side

Bodily pains are body’s way of speaking out loud any trouble that maybe on its way. The body is asking you either to rest or take an action that you might have been ignorant about in the past. Pain can be induced by excessive body exhaustion and lead you to confine your daily movement. Special care must be taken if an individual observes any kind of pain in left side of the body. Chest region is a very sensitive area and pains around this region must be followed up by proper medical check up. You should also check with your parents or guardians if they have any knowledge of prior heart related diseases in your family.

Other than any gas troubles, a pain the heart area, especially pain which is like someone has gripped your heart can be tension in the muscles around your heart which can be a sign of heart troubles that can spiral to a heart attack. Mostly, in females, ovary cists can also cause pain. Such cists are often at an advanced stage and need immediate attention of a medical expert. A balanced diet with daily exercise can keep you away from all such pains, mild or extreme; as they say prevention is better than cure.

Propane heater

I am 20 years old, a working professional and an average working girl that needs some time alone with her girlfriends from time to time.
I call for a slumber party and invited my closest girlfriend just around the block. I have prepared my propane heater to keep us warm a night and the boxes of cookies to ruin out diet. All night, we just watched some chick flick movies where we tend to all approve because we are girls.

A knock disturbed our moments with the TV so, as a host, I must get it myself. Two cops stood right outside my front porch asking if I had the permission to drive a lost car. To my confusion, I have suspected them as strippers and the whole interrogation was part of the plan.

After an hour, we all found ourselves in jail. Well, my friend has brought a new car she hasn’t known to be stolen from a man from another state. That was the worst slumber party we ever had – a party inside prison. Well, aside from thee terrific experience, I have learned my lesson well and that is not to joke around a police officer and – oh, yes – we’re a bit too old for slumber parties.

Jobs for 16 year olds

Jobs for 16 year olds in today’s world is sometimes quite easy to find. They can easily search the internet or search the local newspapers or the school notice boards. Once the resume of the teen is complete he or she can easily begin searching for jobs. Although it is true that a teen can get work side by side it is also true that there is high chance that he or she may be rejected. And rejection can be sometimes hard to handle for anyone.

So the teen or in fact almost everyone looking for a job should prepare him/herself for getting rejected or declined. Being declined from a position is not that bad, it happens to almost everyone around. Everyone gets rejected once or twice. So before applying for any positions or for work a teen should prepare him/herself for rejection. If unfortunately a teen is rejected form a job position he or she should politely thank the employer for taking the time to interview him or her and then ask the employer to call him if in case he or she might be suitable for a position in the future. This positive attitude shows that a teen is serious about the job.


I want to have fun. It’s a beautiful life. You learn, you win, you lose, but you get up. Who says recycled materials do not look good? The majority of the people around the globe are trying to do their best, achieving their goals. Some might get tired seeing the junks at home. Nobody wants to get tired cleaning over and over again.

My mother is a good mom. She always looks after in having a comfortable life in a comfortable home. Once in every month, she does clean the different parts of our home; trying to segregate the useful materials and the recyclable ones. Hence,the reason why she is doing this, because she wanted to come up recycling some of the recyclables. One of her pride is her remnant carpets.

We have a lot of carpets at home that are not useful enough. Too old,too dusty and not presentable. She decided to create a unique one out of it.
Here are the two steps in making such:

A.) Cut the old carpets in desired shapes
B.) Sew the cut ones

Why not try at home?
Simple right? By doing so, you can now use it after washing. It is more comfy, nice and less expense.

Instead of always buying new, why not try to discover things in a do!

The Right Decor

Party decorations CAN make or break your party. The first thing people notice when they enter your venue are the decorations. Lame decorations can actually make an impression that party would be lame as well. So put a lot of thought into it before you choose a theme and buy the right kind of decor.
Your decorations needn’t be expensive or difficult. You can have some unique but cheap decorations that would complete your graduation party ideas. Here are some of the ideas you can use:

1. Considered as the cheapest decorations. Your high school or college mementos. Just ask to borrow from some of your friends or get one from your own old stuff. Old memories would be good for your group.

2. Relate it to the theme. It depends on what theme you’re planning. If it’s an underwater theme, then you should go to the nearest beach and grab plenty of shells or anything you can use. If it’s time related, like the 70’s then go grab some disco ball and start putting blinding lights and groovy music.

3. Reuse some of your old decor. Confetti? Get some used up colored paper and cut them. You can even use those newspapers for a dancing game later on.