I want to have fun. It’s a beautiful life. You learn, you win, you lose, but you get up. Who says recycled materials do not look good? The majority of the people around the globe are trying to do their best, achieving their goals. Some might get tired seeing the junks at home. Nobody wants to get tired cleaning over and over again.

My mother is a good mom. She always looks after in having a comfortable life in a comfortable home. Once in every month, she does clean the different parts of our home; trying to segregate the useful materials and the recyclable ones. Hence,the reason why she is doing this, because she wanted to come up recycling some of the recyclables. One of her pride is her remnant carpets.

We have a lot of carpets at home that are not useful enough. Too old,too dusty and not presentable. She decided to create a unique one out of it.
Here are the two steps in making such:

A.) Cut the old carpets in desired shapes
B.) Sew the cut ones

Why not try at home?
Simple right? By doing so, you can now use it after washing. It is more comfy, nice and less expense.

Instead of always buying new, why not try to discover things in a do!