Garden fence

My neighbor’s garden fence is something I have always admired. I have always told her that it is a lovely piece of decoration that I think is highly useful. Looking at my interest and the state of my garden, she suggested that I should also get one. Now, admiring her fence was one thing but getting one for my own garden was a whole new story. I first of all took out a measuring tape to decide what area exactly I wanted to fence in. I understood that some basic things including the measurement, design and material, knowledge of the type of soil that region has are the few things which I shall need to inquire about before I could make an informed decision about purchasing a fence.

This was a very exciting activity and I was completely blown away by the vast variety of design that I came across during my research. My neighbor has had her fence for years now and it is a simple wooden fence which doesn’t have a peculiar or very attractive design but it goes with her simple house just fine. I instead wanted to experiment with both the color and design. Now my garden has a beautiful peach colored fence which has a very fine design which allows for the air and sunshine to come through to my lovely plants.