Peacock costume

Whoever tells you that getting a costume very year for Halloween is stressful or frustrating is just a little shy on the creativity in their heads. I recently started exploring the field of mindfulness of as most of us know it to be practicing the meditation. The best outcome of this practice that I have experienced has to directly do with the level of creativity that I have. Now, based on my own experience, I feel completely confident of recommending this practice to all those stressed souls who are fretting over the idea of getting a costume every year.

I say hone your creative skills and recycle. I have been recycling the same costume for many years and still manage o get away with it pretty good. The costume that I am talking about is the peacock costume which I have varied in design and turned into a disco dress, an actual peacock replica and a grown up night dress which was perfect for late night parties that I got invited to. I think it is quite wasteful to spend money on costume every year and would strongly suggest you spend it wisely on other things while you use to mind power to create a costume for yourself.