Propane heater

I am 20 years old, a working professional and an average working girl that needs some time alone with her girlfriends from time to time.
I call for a slumber party and invited my closest girlfriend just around the block. I have prepared my propane heater to keep us warm a night and the boxes of cookies to ruin out diet. All night, we just watched some chick flick movies where we tend to all approve because we are girls.

A knock disturbed our moments with the TV so, as a host, I must get it myself. Two cops stood right outside my front porch asking if I had the permission to drive a lost car. To my confusion, I have suspected them as strippers and the whole interrogation was part of the plan.

After an hour, we all found ourselves in jail. Well, my friend has brought a new car she hasn’t known to be stolen from a man from another state. That was the worst slumber party we ever had – a party inside prison. Well, aside from thee terrific experience, I have learned my lesson well and that is not to joke around a police officer and – oh, yes – we’re a bit too old for slumber parties.