Spaghetti sauce

Among the things that I consider valuable in life is my ability to cook for my family. Not only am I thankful for this great gift from god but also always looking at ways to improve myself so that I can bring more joy to my family via it. With a big family like mine, including my husband, two kids, my sister, her husband and her two kids, we live like one happy family and the happiest hour of the day is during dinner when we all sit together to catch up on the happenings of the day. We like to try a cuisine, which is something from a different culture every week.

One constant on our every week’s menu has been the spaghetti sauce with chicken. It started off as a favorite of everyone in the family and has rightfully remained so. Since everyone else is a full time working professional in my family (except the kids), I have decided to take up the role of a house maker and I must say that I am happy with my decision and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with the kids and cooking for everyone every chance that I get. This has also led to a huge improvement in my cooking skills.